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Current market levels of silver provide good buying opportunities. Stops should be placed below $15.50. Profits should be taken at $18.20-$18.60.
By ProfitEase.com On Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Silver sends a reversal signal to those who can read it!

Yesterday could have been a normal day for many, but not for precious metals traders. Silver’s breathtaking rally caught many by surprise and sent the former to as high as $16.79 from a session low of $14.12! More...

Gold right now is about to make another leg downward. The upper bound of the range ($1174) provides good opportunities to sell gold with a target of $1050.
By ProfitEase.com On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Don’t get tricked by gold: it’s time to Sell, not to Buy!

I have heard recently that gold has depreciated “way too much” and “it’s time to buy”. With my respect to all professional and amateur traders and analysts, I would totally disagree More...

The AUD/USD seems to have bottomed out at 0.8641. The double bottom formation at that key support level signals time is ripe for taking long positions.
By ProfitEase.com On Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

AUD/USD double bottom at 0.8650 provides good buying opportunities!

The AUD/USD slide that we have been witnessing since early September seems to have bottomed out at 0.8641, at least in the mid-term. This week’s impulsive movement to the upside has resulted in a double bottom More...


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