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Published On: Thu, Aug 28th, 2014

Technical signals pile up in favor of a USD/CHF correction

RSI divergence from trend combined with a bearish engulfing pattern suggest that, although the rally in USD/CHF has still more way to go on the upside, the pair is currently ripe for a correction.

RSI divergence from trend combined with a bearish engulfing pattern suggest that USD/CHF is currently ripe for a correction.

Recent broad dollar strength has resulted in the USD/CHF surging to 0.9183, 3.05 percent for the months of July and August together. Although the rally seems to have the potential of carrying on, a correction looks as the most possible outcome in the very near term.

Let us have a look at the pair’s price action and compare it to the RSI. While the USD/CHF has been trending up, the RSI has started to trend down, as demonstrated on the chart. This is called divergence and is a warning sign of a near-term trend change. We do not favor a trend reversal at this change as our preferred scenario is for just a pullback.

Yet another thing to be noticed on the daily chart of the currency pair is the bearish engulfing pattern. Wednesday’s red candle has eclipsed the previous day’s smaller green one. I am not a big fan of engulfing patterns alone, so we continue our search for further evidence of a pending correction.

Having a look at the dollar index would also help in forecasting what follows for the USD/CHF. The index measuring the greenback’s performance against a basket of other major currencies has also a huge bearish engulfing candle on its daily chart. Before it occurred, yesterday the RSI (14) was at 78.865, a territory considered overbought, thus signaling a pullback.

Based on the signals described above, we favor shorting USD/CHF at current market levels: 0.9150 as of 11:30 pm GMT. Stops need to be placed above 0.9205, while take profits should be anywhere between the 0.9040-0.9010 zone.


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